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Please Note:

Natural Blemishes

Due to the fact, we are dealing in products formed and maintained in nature's wild habitat, it is extremely important that every purchaser is made aware of the possible imperfections in the antlers purchased on this site.

***You are encouraged to inquire by email about any of our pieces before purchasing.***

The natural weathering on any antler is typically very slight. (Natural weathering refers to fine cracks. These may have developed in the antler during its drying out period. Once shed from the moose, the antler lies on the ground drying out, waiting to be discovered.) Small animals like rabbits, squirrels, and porcupines crave the minerals found in the shed antler. While on the ground, animals may gnaw or chew on the antler. Other marks may be apparent, like scarring and/or broken tips (points). These kind of problems are noticeably due to fighting between animals and not the mishandling of them.

Note, we avoid working with and selling, antler that would be unsightly by any means.

Please send an email to inquire about the natural blemishes on the sculpture you intend to purchase.




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